Frequently Asked Questions

Will I save money on my phone bills?
Yes, by routing calls via VoIP or through ISDN, your telephone bills can be reduced dramatically. This is especially true for mobile and international calls.

If I call on VoIP does the other person need to be on VoIP also?
No, if you are calling another VoIP user, then the call is completely free. However, you can call any landline or mobile, anywhere in the world.

How do I know I am making a VoIP call or a landline call?
No you won’t be able to tell the difference, the quality of the service is driven by the quality of the connectivity that you have provided into your premises, CS Comms provide voice grade connectivity to ensure the quality is guaranteed.

How else can I save on telecoms costs?
Not only do you save on call charges, but line rental is cheaper too! This means you can reduce the number of landlines in your business, as well as getting additional services and features.

How are calls billed?
We bill all calls on a monthly basis. Calls are fully itemised and charged on a per-second basis. There are no minimum call charges, nor any connection charges.

Can I transfer my numbers?
Yes you can, if you have DDI numbers that you wish to keep, but want to reduce the number of landlines you have, we can transfer your existing numbers to VoIP. They are then with you for life, and can be used from any office and any location. For example, you can have USA or London numbers piped to your office in Birmingham.

Where do I call for technical support?
Technical support for any product or service we supply is provided as part of an on-going telephone & remote access support package, for weekdays Monday through to Friday this is free of charge. Out of hours support packages are provided on an monthly basis for a fixed fee. There are no limits to the number of incidents supported.

Can the System be connected to an existing LAN?
Yes, the services are connected to either the existing network or we can supply a new one, the choice is yours.

What expansion capabilities are available?
The system provides unlimited extensions and unlimited lines. Your only restrictions are the number of handsets you have, and the capacity of your broadband / data connection.

Is a phone license required for any of the extensions?
Yes all users pay a monthly licence to use the system, this is a fixed cost for the life of the contract.

Is Voicemail included?
Yes. It will also forward voicemails to email.

Can user A call user B’s voicemail to leave a message even if user B is available?

Does the System support Multi Level Auto Attendant (MLAA)?
Yes, the amount of levels depends on how the system is set and is not restricted in any way

Can I have a remote user ?
Yes. You can have any many remote users as you wish, all that is needed is a broadband connection at both ends.

Where is the call recording information stored?
Call recording is offered on demand or constant, and will be stored either on hosted system or on your own network NAS drive or SAN.

Is it possible for two small businesses to share the service?
Yes, as long as each company has a dedicated incoming line or DDI number they can appear and operate completely independently.

Does the system support voice compression?
Yes. Voice is encoded as G.729, GSM, or uncompressed at G.711a (alaw)

What IP phones can I use?
You can use Yealink handsets, iPads, iPhones, Blackberry, Android & other mobile handsets, you can also use softphones for PC’s & MAC’s.

Does the service terminate fax calls?
Yes. However, compatibility with all types of fax equipment is not guaranteed.

Can calls be routed to operators instead of the automated attendants?
Yes. When no automated attendants are scheduled, calls can be routed directly to the operators.

Can multiple automated attendants be configured on the system?
Yes. You can create an unlimited number of automated attendants.

What happens when the service completely fails?
Our service is fully resilient so it one cluster of servers fail then another set take over providing a guarantee 100% SLA.

How do I view my bill on the website?
Access the billing platform via the portals section of our website or call email / call customer services (see website for details)

How do I find my password for the website?
If you have lost or forgotten your password for your web bill please send an email to giving your account number and we will provide you with the password.

When will I receive my bill electronically?
CS Comms offer customers an online billing interface with telecoms information available at their fingertips and one easy-to-read monthly bill which is emailed at the end of each month.

How do I pay my bill?
Please contact our payment line on 0333 150 6789 to make a payment using a debit or credit card. You will need to quote your account number.

Alternatively we can set up a direct debit for convenient monthly payments. Simply call our customer accounts team on 0333 150 6789 who will make these arrangements for you

Will there be any loss of telephone service during the transfer?
No, your telephone service will change over without any interruption; all you will notice is a reduction in your telephone bill. All transfers are made on a “like for like” basis, so you can expect to keep exactly the same services you currently have.

Can CS Comms transfer my line if I have a digital or ISDN line?

What if I have a switchboard or PBX System?
If you have a switchboard or PBX System, CS Comms can transfer the line rental and calls.

If your question hasn’t been answered above then either call our customer service team on 0333 150 6789 or email us at

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