Jargon Buster

ACD = Automatic Call Distribution.

BRI = Basic Rate Interface for ISDN2 circuits and connection between Systems

BLF = Busy Lamp Field shows via a LED if an extension is busy or free

CCU = Central Control Unit holds the system programming and memory

CLI = Calling Line Identity shows number of person calling you, if a speed dial is on the system with that number and Name it shows the Name.

CTI = Computer Telephony Integration enables telephone systems to talk to computers

DASS = Digital Access Signalling System digital lines from exchange

DPNSS = Digital Private Network Signalling System digital links between sites

DDI = Direct Dialling In

DECT = Digital Enhanced Cordless Technology

Hosted Voice = Cloud based voice services

IP = Internet Protocol

ISDN = Integrated Services Digital Network provided by BT etc to allow small end users to have digital connection to things like the internet.

LAN = Local Area Network

LCD = Liquid Crystal Display like the one on your telephone

LED = Light Emitting Diode see BLF

PRI = Primary Rate Interface

PSU = Power Supply Unit

PSTN = Public Switched Telephone Network

PBX = Private Branch Exchange

PABX =Private Automatic Branch Exchange

SaaS = Software as a Service – cloud based application services

IaaS = Infrastructure as a Service

PaaS = Platform as a Service

CaaS = Computer as a Service

SIP = Session Internet Protocol

SMDR = Station Message Detail Reporting used for call logging info e.g. Oak Call Loggers.

TAPI = Telephony Applications Programming Interface allows things like screen popping etc

VoIP = Voice over Internet Protocol

WAN = Wide Area Network

FTTC = Fibre To The Cabinet

EFM = Ethernet First Mile

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